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We would LOVE to meet you on a super energetic ROYAL DAFUQ concert

In the meanwhile
You can find our songs (radio edits) on all platforms such as TIDAL - Apple Music - Spotify
Please add our music into your playlists and enjoy
Its a crazy world out there so sharing our music is loving

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please enjoy watching our video's

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- Far Away -
Hypnotized in the glaring light
The streets are filled with a promised life
Get your ticket and all is fine
Eyes wide shut as they roll the dice
Crowds are marching, expose the lies
Still too little to tip the scales
As we fade into the night
Dreams of justice and better days

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- This Heart Of Mine -
I met you in heaven, with a heart full of light
I longed for you in my darkest hour full off doubt
Although I tried my best to bail out
My mind made me a prisoner in this fight
Bring them back in this heart of Mine

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- Can We Relate -
Our world has changed, for good, so it seems
Can we remember freedom
or will it be hidden in our dreams
Can we relate, touche and debate
Can we just say it straight
or use signs to speak about vitamin C
Can we still talk about 5G

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- All Those Parts Of Me -
Can I open the door to this hidden part of me
to discover my shadow and see how it was meant to be.
I feel these moods in and around me touching me gently
I desire travelling to the other end of me
All those parts of me, set them free
So we can enjoy love once more
Can I unchain the fears residing within me
To restore my power and feel the boundless energy

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- Let Me Call You -
Well I ain’t too proud but you’re driving me over the edge
Give me one more push I’m standing on a ledge
You sunk your hooks in my back and now I’m paying the price
You got me screaming your name when I knew I should think twice
Let me call you , let me touch you
Before the night is gone

Wanna lay right here beside you
And tell you you’re the only one

Royal Dafuq, a Belgium based rock band in the truest sense of the word, is as much about rock ’n roll as it is about a critical attitude and a vision on life.
Driven by their observation of what is happening in the world, these five top class musicians unite in their message of love and unity above and in spite of everything else.
The musicians that make up Royal Dafuq have been part of the local live scene for many years, having worked with diverse bands and artists, each of the members has always been very much in demand for live and studio work. They had wanted to work together for a long time, but had never found the time because of busy performing and recording schedules.
And then Covid happened. The live scene came to a halt, and these five guys finally found the time to start a band together.
Royal Dafuq was born.

At the musical heart of Royal Dafuq is straight up guitar driven rock, blending together the musical influences that the different members bring.
They add to this a critical eye for what is going on in the world today, reflected in lyrics that want to make you think, unite, come together in love and respect for one another. Rock ’n roll, an open heart and an open mind – that is what Royal Dafuq is all about.

Royal Dafuq: come for the music, stay for the message!

For further Information & Concert bookings please refer to Hildegard


Alain Smits : vocals-guitars
Joost Delange : guitars
Wim Vander : keys
Dirk Michielse : bass
Bert Engelen: drums